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Financial struggle is becoming particularly severe for the group that economists call younger millennials: 21-25 year olds, the young adults who entered the job market in the wake of the recession. -The New York Times

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Accelerant Micro-Fund



Introducing Accelerant

It is no secret. Israel is ‘Startup Nation‘.

It has the highest density of tech startups in the world and a rich history of technology innovation. In recent years it has also answered the call and delivered on BIG EXITS. From Waze to Viber &Trusteer, Israeli entrepreneurs have proved they are ready to build big, massive global companies. They are not tempted to sell early. And they have reminded investors that Israel is a place to watch for game changing technologies.

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When should you call it quits?


I’ve been working on a new project for months now. If you’re a regular reader of Creative Something you’ve heard me complain about it before.

I’m at the point where I don’t know whether I’m wasting my time or if I should keep pressing on towards the finish line; and I think this is a…


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